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Leaflet 0.7 Release, MapBox and Plans for Future

Leaflet 0.7 Released — with IE11 touch support, upscaling tiles and tons of other improvements and bugfixes! Meanwhile, I've joined the MapBox team full-time.

Leaflet Plugin Authoring Guide

A number of best practices and tips for publishing your own perfect Leaflet plugin

Leaflet 0.6 Released, Code Sprint in DC with MapBox

Leaflet 0.6 released — with nicer controls, better usability and tons of API improvements and various bugfixes — more than 120 changes! The first ever Leaflet Code Sprint happening in Washington, DC with the MapBox team

Leaflet.draw 0.2 Released

Leaflet.draw 0.2 released — brings vector drawing and editing tools to your Leaflet map.

Leaflet 0.5 Released

Leaflet 0.5 released — with IE10 touch support, retina-enabled markers, better panning inertia, new zoom control and about a hundred of other improvements and bugfixes!

Leaflet 0.4.5 Bugfix Release and Plans for 0.5

Leaflet 0.4.5 released, containing a small but important zoom animation bugfix for upcoming Chrome 23+ (currently beta) and IE10. Work on future 0.5 release goes on!

Leaflet.MarkerCluster 0.1 Released

Introducing Leaflet.MarkerCluster, a beautiful, fast, customizable plugin to reduce the visual clutter on crowded maps.

Leaflet 0.4.3 and a New Tutorial

Leaflet 0.4.3 released with several bugfixes and improvements, and comes with a new tutorial on creating a colorful interactive choropleth map.

Leaflet 0.4 Released

After 5.5 months of development with 33 contributors involved, I'm proud to announce the release of Leaflet 0.4! It comes with a simpler API and lots of great improvements, along with a major update to documentation, a plugins page and the launch of the developer blog.