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Leaflet 0.6 Released, Code Sprint in DC with MapBox

Leaflet 0.6 released — with nicer controls, better usability and tons of API improvements and various bugfixes — more than 120 changes! The first ever Leaflet Code Sprint happening in Washington, DC with the MapBox team…

After 5 months of active development with 36 contributors involved since the previous major version, today I’m excited to finally announce the release of Leaflet 0.6 stable.

0.6 highlights include nicer controls, lots of interaction usability improvements, many new API methods, events and options, ability to save layers as GeoJSON, much better test infrastructure and TONS of bugfixes that made Leaflet significantly more reliable. Checkout the huge detailed list of changes (120+ total!) in the changelog. The API reference was also updated to reflect all these changes.

The final push for the release (last 2 days) was a part of the first ever Leaflet Code Sprint, organized in Washington DC by the amazing MapBox, a company responsible for perhaps the greatest innovations and awesome tools in the geospatial world of recent years, now using Leaflet for its JS API too. The sprint will go on for a week and there are many more awesome improvements to come in upcoming days (and lots of partying as well).

On a related note, even GitHub itself is now using Leaflet for GeoJSON visualizations, along with Leaflet.markercluster & MapBox tiles! How cool is that?

Special thanks go to Universal Mind, my awesome employer and sponsor of Leaflet development for the past 5 months, to the most active contributors — John Firebaugh and Tom MacWright of MapBox, Dave Leaver and Jacob Toye of Smartrak, Steve Kashishian of First Mile Geo, and to everyone else involved in contributions, bug reports, mailing list, Twitter, making awesome apps, etc. You’re such an amazing community! I’m really happy to be a part of it.

Grab the CDN links or downloads for the new release on the download page as always. Enjoy! And be sure try it out and report any regressions in your apps so that we can patch them up immediately.

update (June 27): 0.6.1 hotfix released with a couple of regressions fixed (particularly the one with FF scroll-zooming too fast).
update (June 28): 0.6.2 hotfix released with a couple more minor issues fixed.
update (July 17): 0.6.3 released with lots of regressions and bugs fixed.
update (July 25): 0.6.4 released with a fix to 0.6.3 regression.

P.S. Everyone who tweets/posts about the new Leaflet release or why he loves Leaflet over the next few days will get a karma boost of over 9000 points. I heard that from a passing monk in Georgetown yesterday, true story!

Vladimir, Leaflet creator and maintainer.