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Leaflet is Alive and Kicking, Stay Tuned for 1.0!

I know this blog hasn’t been updated for a long time — 1.5 years actually! But that’s just because I’m a lazy blogger, and there has been a lot going on with Leaflet during this time despite the lack of blog posts and major releases.

We’re on the finishing line of releasing Leaflet 1.0 — the biggest and greatest Leaflet release ever. The latest stable version, 0.7.3, is already perfect, so you won’t believe how much awesome stuff we’ve managed to pack into the upcoming release — 914 commits later! But I’ll leave that for a separate 1.0-beta1 blog post after we fix that one last issue.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to present you the new redesigned Leaflet website! Now finally mobile-friendly, simple, clean, minimal and modern, just like the library itself. Also notice the floating menu when scrolling down the Docs and Plugins pages, a highly requested feature that’ll make navigation much easier. Big thanks to Rowan Hogan for the help with the new design!

P.S. I recently made a quirky 13-minute video for the Geospatial World Forum, sharing the fun story behind Leaflet and how it became what it is today. Watch it and share it with your geofriends so that we can make the GIS world fun again!