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Leaflet 1.7 released

During the last year or so, mainstream web browsers have subtly changed the way touchscreens work; unfortunately, Leaflet 1.6.0 and previous versions now exhibit some quirks on touchscreens.

Leaflet 1.7.1 fixes that by bringing several changes to how PointerEvents are detected and handled, and using passive touch event listeners when available.

The release was supposed to be numbered as 1.7.0, but a problem with the NPM dependencies appeared at the last minute, generating a bad build. Version 1.7.0 has been marked as deprecated in NPM, and shouldn’t be used - use 1.7.1 instead.

Besides that, there’s a bunch of small bug and documentation fixes, detailed in the changelog. Thanks to everyone who sent a fix, no matter how small!

To get the new release, update your dependencies in your favorite package manager, or check the downloads page.

The Leaflet team.