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Announcing Leaflet 1.1.0

We have released Leaflet version 1.1.0, the first version built with ES6 modules - a big step forward ensuring Leaflet is up to date with how modern JavaScript is written. For users upgrading to this release, this change should not make a difference, while it offers the possibility to import individual parts of Leaflet individually if your app is built with ES6. As a consequence, 1.1.0 is also the first version built without Leaflet’s now deprecated custom build system, in favor of using Rollup.

Also new in this release is the new L.VideoOverlay class, allowing overlaying video on your maps.

We also managed to fix over 30 bugs with the help of about 20 different contributors: see the full changelog for details.

To get the new release, update your dependencies in your favorite package manager, or check the downloads page.

The Leaflet team.